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What To Do When You're Stopped By Police - The ACLU & Elon James White

What To Do When You're Stopped By Police - The ACLU & Elon James White

Know Anyone Who Thinks Racial Profiling Is Exaggerated? Watch This, And Tell Me When Your Jaw Drops.

This video clearly demonstrates how racist America is as a country and how far we have to go to become a country that is civilized and actually values equal justice. We must not rest until this goal is achieved. I do not want my great grandchildren to live in a country like we have today. I wish for them to live in a country where differences of race and culture are not ignored but valued as a part of what makes America great.

Friday, October 02, 2015

Oregon’s Gun Debate Goes Beyond Liberals vs. Conservatives - The New York Times

"SEATTLE — Gov. Kate Brown of Oregon signed a bill in May that requires greater background checks for gun transfers.

It was the state’s first major gun-control law in more than a decade, and for Ms. Brown, Oregon’s former secretary of state, who took office in February during a political scandal, it was also a firm statement of the new direction she wanted the state to take.

The Douglas County sheriff, John Hanlin, who is now leading the team investigating the shootings on Thursday at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, was one of the bill’s main opponents."